5632 PA The Ancient Ogre Kingdom founded on Markane
5277 PA Humans first documented on Markane
4932 PA Milkene Empire formed on Markane
4909 PA The Queendom of Gïlde annexed by the Milkene Empire 
4895 PA Burwich founded as a trading post
4802 PA Humans arrive in what is now the Dwarven Kingdom
4687 PA Carthia founded on Markane
4594 PA Mass emigration from Hümlande to Carthia
4536 PA The Vankarene Empire attacked by the Milkene Empire
4371 PA Arkanum founded by wizards
4325 PA Maghar founded as a trading post
4289 PA The province of Karast breaks from the Vankarene Empire as Cesta 
4236 PA The Vankarene Empire falls to the Milkene Empire
3992 PA The Kando Archipelago explored by Markanian explorers
3963 PA Dragosh Coast explored by Orcish explorers
3784 PA Nation City city-state established
3743 PA Western Ogre Kingdom founded
3702 PA Brefield founded by farmer's guilds