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Gmplayer has been hard at work making a game with his dad that has been in beta for a while and he has told me to make a wiki of his game. I am very glad to have the honor of making this wiki so thank you to Gmplayer. Here's some things about the game. The beta copy was frowned upon because of the graphics:(. his new version that is almost out of beta has way better graphics which people while love way better than its old graphics. It also has more characters. one of the things im happy about is the new interface. anyway have fun on this wiki and help modify our pages with helpful information about Knight Defenders i've forgotten! We've messed up on the last page ( so heres the real one! Also his dad is making a website with random basic games that are good passtimes for people who want to have fun! To see more about the website please visit the website page i have been working on for his website "FlashOutpost". The page for the game itself is located here: Knight Defender (Game).


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