Elven Kingdoms Flag

The flag of the Elven Kingdoms.

The Elven Kingdoms (Crown Language: Silsta Rienen, Elven Language: Selsteni Reynen) are a group of kingdoms that united long ago to form the Elves' homeland in Markane. The kingdoms are: Gïlde, Auchine, Milken, Krenpinen, Fazke, Wachne, Nönga, Vankaren, Cesta, and Cächke. The capital city, Baurengine, has its own district.


The most commonly spoken language throughout the Kingdoms is the Crown Language, with the Elven Language coming in second. The Crown Language is most prominent in the southern part of the country, possibly due to many trade cities being located there, and due to the proximity to several countries were the majority speaks it. The Elven Language is most prominent in the northwestern part of the country, due to their isolation from other countries and regions with large Crown speakers. Several other languages, such as the Orcish language and Kandonian, are spoken by some. Some regions are largely bilingual, such as Baurengine, possibly due to it being the capital and being in the center of the country, and Krenpinen, which has acted as a gateway between the northern and southern regions of the country for centuries.