Crown Empire Flag

The flag of the Crown Empire. Red represents the Lion Kingdom, blue represents the Crown Kingdom, green represents the Dragon Kingdom, and purple represents the Eagle Kingdom.

The Crown Empire (Crown Language: Kron Impir, Elven Language: Krene Empir, Kandonian: Korona Empira) is the main Human-dominated Empire. It is located in central Markane, and is composed of the Crown Kingdom, Lion Kingdom, Dragon Kingdom and Eagle Kingdom. A large road named the Great Crown Road links most cities in the empire. The population is approximately 73 percent Human, 13 percent Elven, 6 percent Orcish, 3 percent Partehumipartesilsten, and 5 percent others. During the Great War there was some tension between Humans and Orcs, even though the Empire tried to stop the conflicts. The main language that is spoken in the Empire is the Crown Language, and sizeable populations speak Kandonian, the Elven Language, and the Orcish Language. The largest city in the Empire is Nation City, and the main trading city is Burwich, which is the second largest city. The current Emperor and Empress of the Empire are Maximillian the fourth and Dalia the first.


After the Great War, the Empire was divided into four kingdoms and a capital city region.

Total population: 9,775,050 

Royal Palace - Capital city/region, population: 174,278 (About 2%)  

Crown Kingdom - Kingdom, population: 3,529,802 (About 36%)   

Lion Kingdom - Kingdom, population: 2,765,232 (About 28%)   

Dragon Kingdom - Kingdom, population: 2,465,986 (About 25%)   

Eagle Kingdom - Kingdom, population: 839,752 (About 9%)